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Larger, more powerful, more versatile… and faster: the new 3 Series Touring


Größer, stärker, vielseitiger... und schneller: der neue 3er Touring


The new BMW 3 Series Touring

All BMW 3 Series offer a unique balance of elegance, dynamics, and compact dimensions.

../../JPG/BMW/bmw00154.JPG, photo by bmw 06-2005Now the new BMW 3 Series Touring adds to these features, offering maximum flexibility and versatility in every respect - the new 3 Series Touring is sporting, highly variable, and meets virtually every transport requirement in everyday use. So it is fair to say that this is the most versatile 3 Series there has ever been. At the same time this is the most "open" estate car in the world, a huge panorama roof offering almost the same feeling as in a convertible. The new 3 Series Touring marking the fourth generation in its class offers innovations which place it right at the top of its segment - more powerful engines, a "faster" suspension, even more detailed solutions for the car's occupants and luggage, as well as extra comfort ensure an even higher standard of product substance than before. The Touring meets virtually all transportation requirements and at the same time offers driving pleasure of the highest calibre. All this is borne out by the car's lap times on the Northern Circuit of Nürburgring: Lapping the Circuit in 8:49 minutes, the new 3 Series Touring is just as fast as the 3 Series Sports Saloon.

More loading space, better loading ideas.

The aficionado of the BMW Touring attaches great significance to the car's loading area, even though this is not the only feature he - or she - will consider: Measuring the loading area up to the upper edge of the backrest, capacity is up over the previous models by 25 litres to 460 litres (16.1 cu ft). And folding down the backrest in its 60:40 spilt, you enjoy an almost flat floor with a vast 1,385 litres or 48.5 cu ft of loading space - 40 litres more than on the former model. Features even more conspicuous in everyday motoring are the many details and improvements making the Touring such a practical and beneficial car for the customer. One example is the storage compart-ment beneath the luggage compartment floor, which may be turned around and used on both sides, the rear side coming in a washable, hard-wearing surface film covering the bottom of the luggage compartment and extending out when required over the rear bumper. And whenever the driver opens the rear window alone, the luggage compartment cover will slide up into a convenient loading position. A watertight folding box, nets, an umbrella holder, bag holders and a 12-volt power socket significantly enhance the car's practical value.

Entering the market with five new engines.

The new Touring is entering the market with three petrol engines in the guise of the 320i, 325i, and 330i, as well as two diesels, the 320d and 330d. All of these engines offer a significant improvement in performance, motoring culture, and economy. And they will be joined later by the four-cylinder 318i and 318d power units, with the 323i being reserved for markets outside of Europe. The six-cylinder 325i, 330i, and 330d models will also be available with four-wheel drive.

Six-cylinder featuring an extra-light magnesium crankcase.

../../JPG/BMW/bmw00155.JPG, photo by bmw 06-2005Developing maximum output of 190 kW/258 bhp, the straight-six power unit in the top-of-the-range BMW 330i Touring outperforms its predecessor by 20 kW/27 bhp. Maximum torque, in turn, is 300 Nm/221 lb-ft maintained consistently between 2,500 and 4,000 rpm. In its segment, the three-litre is the most powerful and lightest engine in the world. This is the first large-scale production engine to feature magnesium on the crankcase, crankshaft mounts and cylinder head cover, thus boasting a material 30 per cent lighter than aluminium. Another first-time achievement we see in this three-litre six-cylinder is BMW VALVETRONIC controlling the opening period and lift of the intake valves infinitely as a function of the gas pedal. This means even greater fuel efficiency and even more spontaneous engine res-ponse. These benefits are further enhanced by variable double-VANOS camshaft management on the intake and outlet valves. The BMW 330i Touring accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and completes the sprint from 80-120 km/h (50-75 mph) in 4th gear in 6.9 seconds (both figures still provisional). Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph, while fuel consumption is a modest 8.9 litres/100 km or 31.7 mpg Imp in the composite EU cycle. A newcomer to the range is the straight-six in the BMW 325i Touring offering even more power than before: Maximum output is now 160 kW/218 bhp at 6,500 rpm (an increase by 19 kW/26 bhp), maximum torque is 250 Nm or 184 lb-ft between 2,750 and 4,250 rpm (+ 5 Nm/3.7lb-ft). This kind of power clearly gives the BMW 325i Touring pole position over its competitors, with top speed of 243 km/h or 151 mph, accele-ration to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds, and the ability to sprint from 80-120 km/h, again in 4th gear, in 7.9 seconds.

BMW 320i with high-performance four-cylinder.

The 320i Touring is based on the straight-four two-litre power unit so far bearing the 318i model designation. Featuring VALVETRONIC and double-VANOS, the engine develops maximum output of 110 kW/150 bhp at 6,200 rpm, with maximum torque of 200 Nm/147 lb-ft at 3,600 rpm. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h comes in 9.4 seconds, top speed is 218 km/h or 135 mph, and fuel consumption in the composite EU cycle is 7.6 litres/100 km or 37.1 mpg Imp.

A Sports Diesel also in the Touring.

The diesel variants likewise offer sporting and dynamic power. Featuring the latest common rail technology and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, the diesels are even more dynamic than their already most impressive predecessors. The top-of-the-range 330d Touring develops an enormous 170 kW/231 bhp from six cylinders, plus perhaps an even more staggering 500 Nm/369 lb-ft maximum torque all the way from 1,750-3,000 rpm, once again giving the car best-in-segment driving comfort and dynamics. On the road this naturally means supreme performance, with acce-le-ration from 0-100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 248 km/h or 154 mph. Fuel consumption is 6.7 litres/100 km or 42.2 mpg Imp in the composite EU cycle, and it almost goes without saying that the BMW 330d Touring complies with the European EU4 emission standard.

Dynamic and efficient all in one: the BMW 320d Touring.

Irresistible power and performance is also the attribute of the most powerful four-cylinder in the 320d Touring, maximum output of 120 kW/163 bhp and peak torque of 340 Nm/251 lb-ft from 2,000 rpm-2,750 rpm setting the benchmark in this class, with acceleration to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds and top speed of 223 km/h or 138 mph. Fuel consumption is 5.9 litres/100 km or 47.9 mpg Imp, and again it goes without saying that the 320d complies in full with the EU4 standard. Both diesel models come as standard with a diesel particle filter.

Six-speed gearbox in all models.

All models come with a six-speed manual gearbox in their "basic" trim. The additional gear, closer increments between gears, as well as the wider overall range between the lowest and highest gear en-sure a perfect surge of power throughout the entire acceleration process, with each gear merging smoothly into the other. Conceived for even higher tractive power, the first gear offers advantages particularly when setting off. In all, the Touring is even more dynamic, accelerates faster, and offers an even higher top speed than before. And all this comes with an even higher standard of fuel economy. Six-speed automatic transmission is naturally available as an option.

Top-of-the-range technology for even better driving dynamics.

The Touring comes by tradition with the most agile suspension in its class. This suspension, together with the outstanding combination of the engine fitted lengthwise, rear-wheel drive, and excellent axle load distribution, once again gives BMW's sports estate even greater leadership in the market and on the road. The new double-joint aluminium front axle ensures an optimum ba-lance of driving dynamics and motoring comfort. Combining truly outstanding directional stability with particularly low roll noise, this axle concept and design is even more convincing than the already excellent front axle featured on the former model. And despite its lower weight, it makes a significant contribution to the car's high standard of all-round stiffness. The five-arm rear axle likewise ensures supreme agility and sports handling on the road, together with precise wheel guidance and very good roll comfort. While the Touring comes with basically the same chassis and suspension as the Saloon, the specific set-up has been modified to meet the requirements of an estate model.

Latest generation of DSC.

The latest generation of DSC Dynamic Stability Control, BMW's exceptional suspension control system, ensures an even higher standard of all-round safety. The six-cylinder models boast DSC with additional, highly useful functions such as dry-braking of the brake discs on wet roads and brake standby pre-applying the brake pads to the discs. The system also prevents the car from rolling back on uphill gradients and acts against the usual dive effect when applying the brakes shortly before the vehicle comes to a standstill.

Extra safety when towing a trailer.

BMW's new Trailer Stabilisation Control enhances driving safety when towing a trailer. The system registers imminent pendulum mo-tion of the car and trailer at a very early point, stabilising the vehicle and the trailer behind by applying the car's brakes before the situation can turn dangerous.

Designed for sheer driving pleasure and joy of life.

Through its looks and design alone, the 3 Series Touring exudes a touch of dynamism and agility as an expression of genuine driving pleasure. And through its proportions and surface language, the car stands out as a unique model within the 3 Series. Flowing and dynamic lines give the 3 Series Touring not only a functional concept but also classic and sporting elegance for a modern, active lifestyle.

Sporting performance, dynamic behaviour, and elegance in perfect harmony.

The long engine compartment lid, short overhangs front and rear, as well as the optical centrepoint of the car's cabin moved far to the rear relative to the wheelbase authentically visualise the typical BMW configuration combining a straight-six power unit with rear-wheel drive. To ensure perfect harmony of the large window areas at the rear with the dynamic character of a sporting saloon, the roofline tapers down smoothly to the car's tailgate, with the shoulder line rising up slightly at the rear. The "Hofmeister kick" at the bottom of the D-pillar so typical of BMW creates a visual link between both of these lines, interpreting the dynamic character of the car in a very special way and integrating the various features and highlights.

The interior: a further symbol of pure driving pleasure.

Like the exterior, the interior is also characterised by a combination of convex and concave surfaces creating an ambience of controlled dynamism and sheer lightness. As a result, the 3 Series Touring combines two characters in one: It is a sporting driving machine and, at the same time, a comfortable estate car with a generous feeling of space. The cockpit in its optimum structure conveys a truly thrilling driving experience, classic circular instruments symbolising driving pleasure of the highest standard. All functions required for driving are integrated either on or directly around the steering wheel, with the most important driving and comfort information being provided directly in the driver's line of vision. This also gives the front passenger optimum access to the comfort zone in the middle between the driver and passenger.

iDrive: BMW's superior display and control concept.

The customer choosing BMW's navigation system will also receive BMW's superior iDrive display and control concept. The special fea-tures in this case distinguishing the car from the "basic" model are the Controller and the Control Display beneath the second binnacle on the instrument panel. The driver thus benefits from control and display functions aligned to the driver in perfect ergonomic arrange-ment, with all information and comfort functions also directly access-ible to the front passenger.

Increase in size in the interest of comfort and safety.

Without giving up the compact dimensions so typical of the BMW 3 Series, the Touring has grown beyond the dimensions of its predecessor in terms of length, width, height, and wheelbase. Clearly, this benefits all the car's occupants, provides even more luggage space, and enhances passive safety to a new standard.

Clever solutions for your luggage.

The luggage compartment variable in size from 460-1,385 litres (16.1-48.5 cu ft) is generous in design and offers a wide range of clever solutions. Even in basic trim, the luggage compartment comes with a 12-volt power socket, lashing points, baggage straps, as well as bag and umbrella holders. And since the BMW 3 Series Touring comes on runflat tyres with failsafe driving qualities, the former spare wheel recess beneath the floor of the luggage compartment is available as an additional storage box.

Rear window with comfort opening, low loading sill.

Featuring a separately opening rear window as standard, the BMW 3 Series Touring makes loading and unloading as well as transporting long and even bulky items very easy and convenient. When opening the rear window, the rear blind moves up thanks to the comfort opening function on the luggage compartment cover, offering convenient and rapid access to the luggage area. And to make loading the luggage area even more convenient, the bumper comes with a deep cut-out in the middle, lowering the height of the loading sill to just 59 centimetres or 23.2".

Individual solutions for utmost convenience in everyday use.

The special luggage compartment package available as an option enhances the practical qualities of the Touring to an unprecedented standard, offering features far superior to any similar concepts avail-able from competitors. The main component is the reversing floor panel with a washable plastic sheet on the back conveniently covering the carpet in the luggage compartment as well as the bumper to prevent dirt and scratches. It also features a collapsible watertight folding box for items such as wet boots, etc. And if, finally, the Touring is fitted with a ski-bag as an option, the ski-bag module in the rear seat backrest may be replaced by other inserts such as a cooling box.

Significant progress in body construction: lighter, stiffer, safer.

Intelligent lightweight technology makes the body of the car even stiffer and reduces the specific weight of the vehicle to an even lower level. So without putting on any weight over the former model, the body of the new BMW 3 Series Touring, featuring upgraded steel and steel deformation technologies as well as a truss configuration for the car's load-bearing structure, is 25 per cent stiffer.

In a side-on collision: the safest Touring of all times.

The new 3 Series Touring was designed from the start for the best possible result - five stars - in the EuroNCAP crash test. Apart from optimised seat belts, the occupant safety system comes as standard with no less than six airbags: driver, front passenger, hip thorax, and curtain head airbags. In the interest of optimum safety for children, the front passenger seat as well as the outer seats at the rear come with Isofix anchoring points. The front passenger's airbag may be deactivated for fastening a baby seat opposite the direction of travel next to the driver.

BMW Active Steering: unique in this segment.

../../JPG/BMW/bmw00156.JPG, photo by bmw 06-2005The BMW 3 Series Touring is the only midrange estate saloon to offer an active steering system: BMW Active Steering available on all six-cylinder models significantly enhances the car's agility and increases driving pleasure accordingly. At low speeds the steering transmission is more direct, at high speeds more indirect, thus perfectly solving the conflict of interest with a conventional steering and combining agility, stability, and steering comfort to an unprecedented standard. BMW Active Steering also means extra safety: When applying the brakes on patches of ice alternating with dry asphalt, Active Steering stabilises the car quickly and accurately by actively intervening in the steering control. If necessary, Active Steering will even support the driver by correcting the steering angle, making the entire steering and control process simpler, safer and more agile, and reducing both intervention of the car's brakes and engine management control. And not least, BMW Active Steering makes everyday motoring a lot more enjoyable by reducing the number of steering wheel turns when parking, when manoeuvring, and in city traffic.

Innovative lights technology for extra safety.

Apart from the dual halogen headlights featured as standard, the customer also has the choice of bi-xenon headlights with or without an adaptive light function. Continuously and dynamically adjusting the headlights to current driving conditions, BMW Adaptive Headlights ensure optimum illumination of the road ahead also in bends, the light beam following the course of the road and thus guiding the driver along as if by magic.

Optimum heating and climate comfort.

Given the relatively large luggage compartment, the heating and air conditioning in an estate saloon represent a particular challenge to the engineer. Compared with its competitors, the air conditioning in the Touring raises and lowers temperatures faster than in any other model. An even higher standard of comfort in climate control is offered by the automatic air conditioning available as optional equipment. Without creating the lightest draught, BMW's automatic air conditioning provides the desired temperature extremely quickly and maintains exactly the right climate without the slightest fluctuations or changes in temperature. Climate control is also improved significantly by the option to adjust the car's climate separately at the rear, and for the first time in its class the BMW 3 Series is available with sunblinds on the rear side windows.

Perfect noise control for a high-quality audio experience.

As difficult as it may be to ensure optimum climate control in an estate car, the larger luggage compartment serves to enhance the acoustic fortes of the audio system by its qualities as a resonance chamber. The stereo system featured as standard in the 3 Series Touring not only capitalises on this benefit, but also sets the benchmark in its class through its finely balanced performance. And to enjoy an even higher standard, the customer also has the choice of BMW's optional HiFi system as well as the LOGIC7 HiFi Professional concept offering a level of audio quality and enjoyment in the 3 Series Touring quite unprecedented in this segment.

BMW Group PressClub
June, 2005

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