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New accentuation of dynamic lines


Neue Akzentuierung der dynamischen Linienführung



The new BMW 3 Series

It is the epitome of sporty flair in its segment and for years it has maintained the leading position as the mostly widely sold premium vehicle in the world. Now the BMW 3 Series sets out to extend its lead even further.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00116.JPG, photo by bmwgroup 2008 Specific design modifications, a further refined interior design, the new generation of the optional operating concept BMW iDrive, new services provided by BMW ConnectedDrive, a revised range of engines and innovations in the areas of drive technology, safety and comfort make both the new BMW 3 Series Saloon and the new BMW 3 Series Touring more attractive than ever before. With rear-wheel drive, harmonious axle load distribution, outstanding steering precision and highly sophisticated chassis technology, the BMW 3 Series sets unsurpassed standards for driving dynamics in its segment. More than ever before, this unique driving pleasure can now be combined with an awareness of economy and minimised pollutant emissions. Thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics the new BMW 3 Series achieves significantly lower fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels with each of the ten engine variations available than those of the relevant competitors in the premium segment. The new features in the powertrain field include the further optimised electronically controlled all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive. This intelligent all-wheel drive system which variably distributes the drive force between front and rear wheels to enhance driving dynamics as well as ride stability and traction can now be combined with five engine types. The new BMW 320d xDrive is available as a Saloon and Touring model. Another new feature for both body versions: the BMW 318d – by far the most efficient vehicle of its category with an average fuel consumption of just 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres – is now also available with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Parallel to the market launch of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon and the new BMW 3 Series Touring, a new 7-speed sports automatic transmission with double clutch will be presented for the Coupé and the Convertible of the series. This allows further improved acceleration figures in the models BMW 335i Coupé and BMW 335i Convertible, and combines this added dynamic performance – as compared to the standard 6-speed manual transmission – with the comfort features of an automatic transmission. The 7-speed sports automatic transmission with double clutch shifts without interrupting traction.

New design accentuations for a sporty, elegant appearance.

With striking design accentuations to the front section, the side perspective and the rear, the dynamic character of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon has been given additional emphasis, while the new BMW 3 Series Touring enhances its sporty, elegant profile with new visual features which are recognisable from all perspectives.

Front section with bold shapes and an emphasis of width.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00272.jpg, photo by bmwgroup 2008 The front view of the Saloon and Touring models of the new BMW 3 Series is characterised by a clear emphasis of vehicle width. The characteristic brand look of the double circular headlights is underscored by means of chrome tubes, and their corona rings can now also be used in the BMW 3 Series Saloon and the Touring model with optional bi-xenon headlamps as daytime running lights. The light sources of the direction indicators have a ribbed structure and LED direction indicator lights are installed in conjunction with the optional bi-xenon headlamps.

Side view with elegantly elongated lines.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00119.JPG, photo by bmwgroup 2008 Powerfully taut surfaces and striking character lines dominate the side view of the new BMW 3 Series. The contour edges of the side skirts have been set higher and modelled in a more distinctive fashion. Another new feature is the exterior mirrors with two distinctive character lines, echoing the interplay between the convex and concave shaping of the surfaces. The mirrors also offer an enlarged field of vision.

The rear: sporty and tight with a new lighting design.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00271.jpg, photo by bmwgroup 2008 Greater emphasis of the vehicle’s power and sporty character likewise characterises the rear view of the new BMW 3 Series. To achieve this effect, the rear bumpers, rear lights and luggage compartment handle have been completely redesigned. The dual section rear lights are now structured according to the characteristic BMW L shape. The two LED rear light clusters and the direction indicators in LED technology are designed to create a striking, high-quality appearance. The widened track of the new BMW 3 Series especially contributes to its powerful appearance. Depending on the model, the track of the rear axle has been widened by up to 24 millimetres by means of a new wheel carrier and other modified details.

High-quality materials and optimised ergonomics in the interior.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00273.jpg, photo by bmwgroup 2008 The modern, high-quality interior of the BMW 3 Series has been further enhanced by means of specific modifications in the selection of materials and surface design. Here the modern design concept is also applied, with its convex-concave surfaces, sporty elegance and technology-oriented aesthetic style.

Premiere for the new generation of the operating concept BMW iDrive.

The operating system BMW iDrive is optionally available in the new BMW 3 Series for the activation and control of entertainment, information, navigation and telecommunications functions, whether standard or optional. The new generation of iDrive is available in conjunction with the optional navigation system Professional. What is more, the new iDrive supports multi-mode operation by voice entry. With the new iDrive generation, BMW extends its lead over comparable systems made by other manufacturers in terms of display quality and intuitive operation. Using the four direct selection buttons grouped around the Controller, it is especially easy to switch spontaneously between CD, radio, telephone and navigation functions. The functional bookmarks are supplemented with three control buttons.

Control Display with high-resolution graphics and variable layout.

The new iDrive in the BMW 3 Series is presented with a 8.8 inch Control Display whose dimensions surpass all graphic displays available to date in the automobile field. With its high image resolution it offers significant improve-ment in the display of detailed graphics. The structure of the user menu also makes it easier to locate desired functions. All functions controllable by iDrive are listed in the starter menu.

Hard drive for audio files and navigation system.

The features of the navigation system Professional include a hard drive integrated in the vehicle. The storage medium with a capacity of 80 GB provides outstandingly fast access to digital maps for navigation purposes and can also be used for an extensive collection of music files. The system enables music files to be transferred to the hard drive from a CD, MP3 player or USB stick.

World premiere for unlimited internet use inside the vehicle.

BMW ConnectedDrive makes BMW the first automobile manufacturer in the world to enable unlimited use of the internet inside the vehicle when stationary. Internet access is available for the new BMW 3 Series as a special equip- ment option at attractive flat-rate conditions. The transfer of data is based on EDGE technology (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution), which unlike UMTS offers full geographical coverage and is three to four times faster than the mobile phone standard GPRS. The basis for internet use in the vehicle is provided by the further developed functions of iDrive. By pushing the Controller in different directions, the mouse can be moved across the web page shown in the Control Display.

BMW ConnectedDrive with extended range.

As a dynamic concept, BMW ConnectedDrive offers the products BMW Assist, BMW Online, BMW TeleServices and BMW Tracking, depending on the country in question. At the same time BMW ConnectedDrive is designed for the ongoing further development of services to increase mobility and information convenience. The Enhanced Emergency Call with automatic positioning and remote control functions are examples of safety-related options which are already available, extending the lead of BMW ConnectedDrive over the competition.

The new BMW 3 Series: the engine of success for BMW EfficientDynamics.

With its further optimised engine range, the new BMW 3 Series further extends its leading position in the segment in terms of driving dynamics and economy. With all engine types, both the Saloon and the Touring model boast superior fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels than those of their competitors of comparable output. Depending on the model-specific constellation, the new BMW 3 Series features the latest measures for increased efficiency. All petrol and diesel engines available for the new BMW 3 Series represent the state of the art in engine development. What is more, an extremely wide spectrum of efficiency-promoting measures has been applied within the engine environ-ment so as to further reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. This includes Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start/Stop Function, Shift Point Display, the needs-oriented control of auxiliary units, electro-mechanical power steering, tyres with reduced rolling resistance and Automatic Air Intake Flaps. With the comprehensive application of these technologies in what is the most successful BMW model series in terms of sales figures, the development strategy BMW EfficientDynamics achieves an especially broad impact.

New 6-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 330d.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00277.jpg, photo by bmwgroup 2008In accordance with BMW EfficientDynamics, every new BMW offers increased driving dynamics in combination with reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels as compared to its respective predecessor model. An especially striking example of this is the BMW 330d. Its 3.0 litre all-aluminium engine has common rail injection of the third generation, whose piezo injectors operate at a pressure or up to 1,800 bar, and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The new diesel engine achieves its maximum output of 180 kW/245 bhp at an engine speed of 4,000 rpm, while its maximum torque of 520 Nm is available from 1,750 to 3,000 rpm. The new BMW 330d accelerates in 6.1 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, its maxi- mum speed is electronically cut off at 250 km/h. The average fuel consumption of the new BMW 330d according to the EU test cycle is 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres, its CO2 level is 152 grams per kilometre.

BMW BluePerformance technology: prepared for the exhaust gas norm EU 6.

The new BMW 330d is fitted as standard with a diesel particulate filter and an oxidation catalytic converter. Thanks to the innovations applied to the new 6-cylinder engine, it significantly undercuts the thresholds set for the exhaust gas norm EU 5. In the oxidation catalytic converter, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are converted to water and carbon dioxide. For further reduction of nitrogen oxides in exhaust emissions, a NOX-storage catalytic converter can be integrated in the exhaust gas treatment system of the new 6-cylinder diesel engine, in addition to the oxidation catalytic converter. In the optional configuration with BMW BluePerformance technology, the new BMW 330d even meets the requirements for classification according to the future exhaust gas norm EU 6. Like the new BMW 6-cylinder diesel engines, the engines of the models BMW 320d and BMW 318d also meet the requirements of the exhaust gas norm EU 5 as standard. Their 4-cylinder diesel engines have been modified in a number of details, and the further reduction of exhaust emission levels has been implemented so as to have no impact on fuel consumption and the acoustic properties of the engines.

Engine selection: the greatest variety and highest level of efficiency in the segment.

The ideal combination of driving fun and efficiency also characterises the other engines available for the new BMW 3 Series. Spontaneously responding, high-torque 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder diesel engines, powerful and high-revving 4-cylinder petrol engines and the 6-cylinder in-line petrol engine well-known for its unique refinement and dynamic power delivery form a portfolio which is unequalled in the segment of the BMW 3 Series. With five petrol engines and five diesel engines, the new BMW 3 Series offers the most extensive range in its segment. When it comes to both petrol and diesel power units, customers have the choice of four 4-cylinder and three 6-cylinder engines. The output range extends from 105 kW/143 bhp in the 4-cylinder models BMW 318i and BMW 318d to a 225 kW/306 bhp in-line 6-cylinder engine in the BMW 335i. All engines are available for both the BMW 3 Series Saloon and the Touring model, and all are combined with the latest BMW EfficientDynamics measures in the environment of the engine, as suits the specific model configuration. Each of the ten engine types thus has a more favourable relationship between driving dynamics and economy as compared to competitor vehicles of similar output. As one of a number of features which are unique within the competitive field, all petrol engines are fitted with High Precision Injection and all diesel engines combine an all-aluminium crankcase, turbo charging and common rail direct injection of the third generation. The BMW 335i is especially dynamic, accelerating in just 5.6 seconds from zero to 100 km/h. The outright leader in terms of efficiency in the entire vehicle segment is the BMW 318d with an average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2 emission level of 123 grams per kilometre.

Optimised all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive – now for the BMW 320d xDrive too.

../../JPG/BMW/BMW00275.jpg, photo by bmwgroup 2008 The new BMW 3 Series also presents a further expanded selection of engine types for combination with the intelligent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive. For the first time it is possible to fit 4-cylinder models of this series with xDrive. The new BMW 320d xDrive combines outstanding efficiency with superior properties in terms of driving dynamics and traction. Both for the Saloon and the Touring of the new BMW 3 Series it is now possible to combine three petrol engines and two diesel engines with the intelligent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive. The models in question now bear the designations BMW 335i xDrive, BMW 330i xDrive, BMW 325i xDrive, BMW 330d xDrive and BMW 320d xDrive. The electronically controlled permanent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive offers an incomparable level of comfort, traction and agility over all surfaces due to its flexible distribution of drive torque between the front and rear axles. In order to ensure especially precise control, the computer unit of the drive stability regulation system Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and that of xDrive are networked with each other in the Integrated Chassis Management (ICM). With these capabilities, xDrive supports driving dynamics because it identifies any tendency to oversteer or understeer early on and counteracts effectively.

Superior chassis technology, Active Steering as an option.

The new BMW 3 Series has the most sophisticated chassis technology in its segment. At the rear axle there is a five-link construction which is adapted to the needs of the especially high-power and high-torque engines. The front axle of the BMW 3 Series also reflects a unique standard of engineering. The dual-arm tension strut axle with stabiliser is largely made of aluminium. The standard equipment also includes an electro-mechanical steering system with integrated Servotronic function for speed-related steering support. Active Steering is also optionally available: here, steering transmission is adapted to road speed.

Optimised occupant protection with crash-active headrests.

The safety concept of the new BMW 3 Series is based on a solid body structure, the selective application of high-strength steel types and special deformation elements which divert and absorb impact energy. In addition there are six airbags, 3-point automatic belts and headrests on all seats to offer occupants optimum protection. What is more, ISOFIX children’s seat mounts on the rear seats are a standard feature. The front seats of the new BMW 3 Series are fitted as standard with crash-active headrests which significantly reduce the risk of injury to the cervical spine in the event of an impact. Controlled by the vehicle’s safety electronics system, this feature ensures that in the event of a rear-on collision the front section of the headrest is moved forward by up to 60 millimetres and upwards by as much as 40 millimetres. This reduces the distance between headrest and head, thus increasing the stabilising and securing function of the headrest. A contribution to active safety is made by the new generation of adaptive headlight, optionally available in conjunction with bi-xenon headlamps. It guarantees illumination of the road surface when taking a corner. Here the swivel direction of the headlamps is derived from the steering angle, the yaw rate and the road speed of the vehicle. At low speeds the turning light is activated. This function is performed by one of the two inside headlamps, depending on the direction. Before each turning manoeuvre, the light cone is turned specifically in the appropriate direction to illuminate the road ahead.

Best heating and climate comfort in the segment.

In the area of comfort fittings, too, the new BMW 3 Series has a range of optimised features to offer. The further developed heating and air conditioning technology ensures that the interior maintains the desired temperature throughout the year. The new BMW 3 Series has the most high-performance heating and cooling system in its category. Within one minute the entire interior air volume can be completely exchanged three times. In spite of the outstandingly high air through-flow rate, excellent acoustics are ensured by means of a flow optimisation function in the unit and its feed lines and by means of an air outlet positioned at the centre of the instrument panel. A 2-zone air conditioning system is optionally available with individual temperature controls for the driver and front passenger.


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July 2008



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