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../../BMW_01.GIFPrices announced for new BMW models

../../JPG/BMW/bmw00256.JPG, photo by bmw 2007BMW will launch two new products in Spring 2008 that will see the total number of models offered in the UK increase to 18 body styles and 231 variants.


Price OTR

BMW 120i ES Convertible


BMW 120i SE Convertible


BMW 125i SE Convertible


BMW M3 Saloon


../../GIF/animated/UK_flag.gifThe BMW 1 Series Convertible will go on sale in April 2008 and will initially be offered with two engines. The BMW 120i Convertible is powered by a Hams Hall-built 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit producing 170hp. Like all current 1 Series derivatives, the 1 Series Convertible uses EfficientDynamics technology to achieve impressive performance figures. The 120i goes from zero to 62mph in 8.4 seconds, but is also capable of returning 42.8mpg on the combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 158g/km. The BMW 125i Convertible is powered by a 2,996cc six-cylinder engine. The 218hp powerplant propels the 125i Convertible from zero to 62mph in 6.8 seconds. As the current range flagship the 125i Convertible still offers affordable and 'green' motoring on account of the 34.9mpg combined fuel consumption figure and 195g/km CO2 emissions output. Catering for a very different BMW customer, the new BMW M3 Saloon goes on sale in March 2008. Powered by an award-winning 3,999cc V8 engine, the M3 Saloon is the second variant of the current 3 Series body style to be launched. Its 420hp engine powers the car from zero to 62mph in 4.9 seconds before going on to an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph. Fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 22.8mpg.

New BMW fuel filler system brings an end to mis-fuelling

An innovative fuel system has been introduced to stop some of the 150,000 cases of mis-fuelling in the UK that occur every year*. The device, called Incorrect Fuelling Protection System (IFPS), is now fitted as standard to all diesel-powered BMW cars. IFPS works by preventing the fuel filler nozzle of a petrol pump from entering the fuel tank neck of a diesel-powered car. The larger diameter diesel nozzle is able to touch two opposing contact patches that then releases the locking system. This allows the nozzle to engage. A petrol pump nozzle can not make the same connection and this access is blocked. The system was initially introduced on 1, 3 and 5 Series, and X3 cars in March, but is now also fitted to 6 and 7 Series and X5 models. Its introduction is expected to prevent most of the 1,000 cases a year of mis-fuelling that occur on BMW cars which can each cost owners thousands of pounds to rectify.
Note: *Figure sourced from the Automobile Association. In the UK a driver mis-fuels a car every three and a half minutes.

BMW honoured in a raft of environmental awards

BMW has been honoured with the 'Green award' by CAR magazine in its annual Car of the Year awards. Beating competition from other manufacturers including those with hybrid models, BMW received top honours for its EfficientDynamics programme because its 'green measures are simple, widespread and hugely beneficial'. The announcement came at the same time as the powerplant from the BMW M3 Coupé, a car that also uses EfficientDynamics technology, scooped 'Engine of the Year' in the CAR magazine awards. What Car? magazine has also commended BMW's EfficientDynamics programme. The publication's end of year roundup entitled 'Green Heroes' looked at 45 'planet saving cars' you can buy today. Between BMW and MINI, the firm's products were the best buy choice for six models and a recommended choice with four more models. By comparison no other premium manufacturer came close in terms of offering a wide range of economical, low emissions vehicles. EfficientDynamics has also helped BMW win awards outside of the UK. The first ever 'Green Steering Wheel' award for environmental excellence in the automotive industry was presented to BMW by Bild am Sonntag, Germany's best-selling newspaper. The award comes after BMW also won environmental awards from Austrian motoring organisation ARBÖ and AutoScout24, Europe's biggest online car market.

BMW teams up with Google

BMW has teamed up with Google, the world's most frequented internet portal, to offer a unique function on its cars. Now BMW cars specified with Bluetooth telephone preparation and satellite navigation will come as standard with a new advanced BMW ConnectedDrive system using Google to make route planning even easier*. Prior to any journey the driver of a new BMW can now log on to www.maps.google.co.uk from his PC, find their intended destination in advance and send it to their car. The move means drivers save time on the road with the exact destination and contact details stored in the car for future use. The Google feature has been introduced at the same time as an innovative news feed function. A BMW driver can have up to 10 differently sourced RSS news feeds sent to the car. An owner can also view the weather outlook via the car. The new-look BMW ConnectedDrive package is free of charge to owners for three years.
*Except Z4 and X3 models.

BMW chooses Trafficmaster to provide stolen vehicle tracking

BMW has teamed up with Trafficmaster to provide Trackstar, an advanced stolen vehicle tracking service, to the BMW and MINI ranges of premium cars in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The three-year deal sees the Trafficmaster system replace the incumbent supplier in providing car owners with vehicle protection and peace of mind. Trafficmaster's advanced intelligent driving solutions including Smartnav, Safe Speed camera warning and Fleet Director* will also be offered to BMW and MINI customers who have Trackstar installed in their vehicles. BMW UK expects an estimated 20,000 people a year to choose the system. Carl Whipp, Aftersales Marketing Manager for BMW UK Ltd, said: "As the UK's number one premium car company, it is vital that our customers are protected from theft to the highest levels. To that end we recently carried out a detailed review of the technical and functional capabilities of the various stolen tracking systems available in the UK. The advanced capabilities of the Trafficmaster system best suited our needs." Tony Eales, CEO of Trafficmaster, said: "We are delighted that BMW has selected Trafficmaster as its partner in this key sector of the market. We believe that our intelligent driving services are ideally suited to BMW customers and we look forward to working with BMW in the years ahead." BMW and MINI owners using the previous stolen vehicle tracking system will continue to be covered by their service provider. Prices for Trafficmaster stolen vehicle tracking systems will be announced shortly.
*Note: Smartnav is a concierge service-based navigation system that can provide directions via the Trafficmaster network. Safe Speed is an additional function that highlights safety camera and accident blackspot locations. Fleet Director is a business application that permits vehicle tracking for optimum fleet efficiency.



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